Bernard Farnsworth

Psi Guy


Mind Coercer/Telekinetic (4 for Psy overcharge)
Group Telepathy, Telekinetic reach, Telekinetic Shield
Mental Push (
5 vs will 4 dam)
Telekinetic Wave (4 vs Fort close blast 5 D64 push 3)
Str: 13 Dex: 13 Wis: 10 Con: 8 Int: 16 Cha: 18
9 Interaction +8 Mechanics +5 Nature
Hit points: 20 Bloodied: 10 Speed 6 AC: 20 Fort: 12 Ref: 16 Will: 15 Initiative +2
Paper Cutter +7 vs AC D8
4, Paper Weight range 5 7 vs AC D84


Bernard Farnsworth lived in a ruined office supply store for most of his life, he is 32 years of age 5’8" 152lbs. Brown hair brown eyes with a short beard that he keeps well trimmed. His Organs glow in the dark and can be seen shining through his skin, He wears a long coat made up of layers of Duct tape and metal name plates(Light armor) and dark pants and long sleeve shirts to hide his body. He also carries the front of a filing cabinet drawer(shield) and the arm of a paper cutter(light melee), to round out his arsenal he has a bag of paper weights that he has covered in thumb tacks(light thrown weapons).

Bernard Farnsworth

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