The World Ended A While Ago

Into the Irradiated Wild

Some sort of quake struck the mine (possibly caused by a mass of grey goo) and caused a small cave-in that brought an end to the two guards that had made our protagonists lives a misery for months on end. Seeing that the control unit to their shock collars was busted, they armed themselves and rushed out of the mine with great haste.

As they were pinned down just inside the mine entrance by some Badder guards and their Dabber chief, the aftershocks started to hit. Oh, and the rats. Fortunately, Greg was the only one caught in any part of the cave-in and he dug himself out quickly. Thanks to some well placed roach vomit, some bashing of skulls and some psychic hoodoo, the guards were dispatched and the boys exited the mine alive.

Assessing their whole ‘stranded in a deathzone’ situation, John Elway suggested they head to the relative safety of the nearby outpost of Bright Town, across the marsh lake to the northwest. A search of the mining camp netted some supplies (including a rare purple scaled draft horse), but no precious rad pills. After dragging what they could salvage to the duct taped boat at the shore’s edge, they pushed themselves into the muck.

Whilst the rest of the crew was working hard to navigate the muddy shallows of the lake and avoid horrible giant abominations under the surface, Craig set himself to nerd work. Some hacking of a salvaged and charged laptop from the camp revealed a name on which to focus their aggression: Walden. Craig also uncovered a mention of an ancient airport to the southeast that may or may not be a potential safe haven and source of emergency supplies.

Landing on the far side of the marsh, leaving their boat behind, the gang stumbled onto a giant frog lair. With the exception of Bernie and Craig almost being eaten alive and Greg finding quicksand the hard way, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

As they were digging through the possessions of some of the frogs more unfortunate victims, a wary and apparently benevolent Sleeth approached from up the shore. He called himself Roberto, offered up some rad pills, bartered for some omega tech and pointed the group in the direction of Bright Town, saving them from stumbling onto a pack of roving Red Death cultists.

Being terribly suspicious of outsiders in general and mutated animals specifically, the bug brothers made a stealthy call to the only contact in their salvaged phone, Walden, to see how truthful their lizardman savior was. However, their was no indication that Roberto had a ringing phone in his possession.

Taking Roberto’s advice and heading westward, the gang set up camp for the night. With a bellyful of slime water and rad pills, for the first time in a long time, they slept peacefully as truly free men-things for most of the night.


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